Monday, 7 May 2012

Sadlers - Mud City Stout 6.6%

Brewery: Sadlers

Beverage: Mud City Stout 6.6% (Bottled)
Style: Stout

Brewery Address:
 7 Stourbridge Road,
West Midlands, DY9 7DG

Putting a Head Brewer and a Head Chef together could be a head butting recipe for disaster. A dangerous case of 'Too many heads spoiling the brew'. Well this dynamic duo is heading to the rescue of tired tormented taste buds throughout the land. This bottled beauty is a perfect pint of poetic harmonious heady flavours. Caramel sweet and smoky bitter dark malts combine with fresh vanilla pods and raw cocoa beans to compose a pure heady symphony of delight. Too often these types of drink can be a bit too Cocoa The Clown and taste sickly of dry grainy powdered chocolate thrown unceremoniously into your beer. This sensual stout, on the other hand, is a luscious wet dream of being afloat on a sea of liquid chocolate. It has managed to be both lush and bouncy, and yet still grown up and refined. Just like what I am.
It’s pukka class in a glass.
Head out and neck one.


  1. I live only a few miles from this brewery and the lovely attached pub 'The Windsor Castle', they brew some gud uns! They recently brewed a double IPA at 8.5%. I have yet to get my hands on this one.

    1. Oh I gonna have to order their Double IPA. Such a good brewery.


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